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Christian Website Design  click on each picture to see a larger sample

Excellent Fruit Ministries
Baton Rouge, LA

Ministry Website

Jacqueline A. Johnson desired a Christian website to match her Christian Ministry that inspires fruitful change in God’s people. Elegant and beautiful were on the list of requirements.

This job also includes a custom logo (below) designed for her Christian website design.




Boston Dental Care
La Crescenta, CA

Boston Dental Care Website

Created for a local dentist, this website was designed to attract new clients and provide information to those who want to know more about his services and qualifications.

This job also includes a custom logo (below) designed for his practice.

Designer Notes:

This client wanted a sophisticated looking website to reflect his established practice. We added an additional website later to showcase his Dental Implant Skills.

Boston Dental Care's
Additional "Implant" Website



7 Day Kitchen & Bath
Los Angeles, CA

7 Day Kitchen & Bath does some beautiful remodeling, and needed a beautiful website and logo to showcase their awesome work.

This job also included a custom designed logo (below).





Fine Florals:
Flowers by Design

Reseda, CA

Fine Florals Website

Lori Joseph, owner of Fine Florals, is an artist and at the top of her field in flower design. She was in need of a simple but elegant website for her flower business.

We did a photo shoot of the client's arrangements using professional backdrops and lighting.


This site also includes several Flash slideshows to showcase her floral designs.


Mary J. Pickens
Shreveport, LA

Helping Hurting People Website

Mary J. Pickens wanted to let hurting people know that they are not at the end of their line and there is a “Ray of Hope.” We created a website for her ministry to reach out to those who are hurting.

This job also includes a custom ministry logo (below) designed for Mary J. Pickens Ministries.




Go Free Ministries
Ypsilanti, MI

Go Free Ministries Website

Lydia Clarke, author of Can’t Keep Silent and founder of Go Free Ministries is all about freeing and equipping people to boldly walk in the fullness of their God-given identity, potential, purpose and destiny.

This Christian Ministry website helps women deal with Abortion, Post-Abortion Healing and finding real Freedom.



Pacific Aquatics West
Chatsworth. CA


This website was done for a Tropical Fish store that needed a website presence. A custom designed virtual aquarium and logo make this site shine.


Designer Notes:

This client also wanted a logo. The owner wanted an original drawing of a French Angelfish to go against a shell. The trick was to draw the fish with distinctive details that reveal it is a French Angelfish, while keeping it simple and clean at the same time.



The Law Offices of
David H. Baum

Encino, CA

Adoptlaw and AdoptionHelp Websites

This website, created for a local adoption attorney, was designed to inform mothers who might want to give up their child for adoption of the legal ramifications of what they're doing. Also it answers legal questions for the adoptive parents and gives support information for both parties.




An additional website was designed to attract pregnant mothers who might want to give up their child for adoption. It includes custom logos and graphics geared towards teenage girls, giving a sense of warmth and security.



Legacy Mediation
Glendale, CA

Legacy Mediation Website

This website, created for a local probate attorney, was designed to attract new clients and provide information to those who want to know more about probate, mediation and conservatorship.

This job also includes a custom logo (below) designed for the law firm.

Designer Notes:

This client wanted her website to reflect her personality while maintaining a professional look.






Portable Promises
Santa Ana, CA

Portable Promises Website

This website includes Flash work, a shopping cart, custom graphics and features a great product!

“I initially thought of Portable Promises because there were times when it wasn’t possible for me to carry a Bible, but I still wanted to be inspired by God’s Word. I love to help people and I hope that you will be inspired by Portable Promises.”

- Curtis Nabors



Dotmap Inc.
Boca Raton, FL

MusiCoolBaby Website

This website was designed to sell products and provide information to wholesalers and consumers.

This job also includes a custom logo (below) and several designs for their new MusiCoolBaby clothing line.

Designer Notes:

This client wanted a cool retro look with fun and excitement. Flash effects and sounds are subtle and add to the users experience.






Encino, CA

ACAL and ACFFL Website Design

This website was designed for a non-profit corporation. Its members consist of individual law practitioners.

This job also includes a custom logo (below) designed for the invitational society.


HotSheet Publishing
Canoga Park, CA

Hitmakers Website Designs

3 websites were created for Hitmakers Magazine. The first shown here is the last and most recent of the three designs for their company website. It was designed to interact with it's audience, playing music from current artists, interviews and even video.

This second of three designs came after the original "radio theme" site wore thin. They needed a more clean and modern look to attract a broader audience.

This third design created for Hitmakers Magazine, was the original, designed with a "radio theme" to attract radio staff and listeners.



Christian Family Software

Sacramento, CA

Daily Bible Online

CFC came to Flair for a re-design for their existing website. We came up with a flash slideshow with scripture, animated buttons, various headers and a color scheme based on the client's favorite colors.



West Valley Christian Church
West Hills, CA

Christian Website Design

This Christian website design, created for WVCC, keeps members informed of what's going on in the church and gives spiritual support. Also it's used for attracting new members.


The church website also included many custom Christian logos and graphics (right).

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