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Printed Material   click on each picture to see a larger sample

GRB Entertainment
Studio City, CA

Program Catalog Cover

GRB Entertainment needed a stunning cover for their new catalog, listing shows available for networks to use in their programming. TLC and The Discovery Channel are a couple of their biggest clients. Bringing several photos together that represented a diversified look at what they have to offer was the objective, along with a contemporary design.

Graphic Designer Notes:

Using shades of green along with a collage of photos from their programming gave this piece a look of richness, stability and value that GRB has to offer its clients.



Aerosol Science
Laboratories Inc

Camarillo, CA

Letterhead, Envelope & Card

ASL contacted us to do their new Corporate Identity, and stated...

Your Mission: "Develop a corporate image that communicates clinical excellence, science and service innovation. 'We are changing the way physicians think about the treatment of sinusitis.' "

We took the challenge and designed a versatile logo for use on everything complete with interchangeable wording for all their departmental needs.


iDesign Learning
Temecula, CA

Company Brochure

iDesign Learning, also owners of Grace Media Group came back to us to design a brochure for an upcoming business expo. We chose attention-grabbing pictures focusing on learning and the workplace.





iDesign Learning
Temecula, CA

Company One Sheets

iDesign Learning, also asked us to design 2 one sheets/flyers for their upcoming business expo. Both were designed with no bleed to be able to print more copies whenever they need them.


West Valley Christian Church
West Hills, CA

From This Day On... Capitol Campaign

These pieces were created while heading up the ad campaign for West Valley Christian Church. Several pieces were designed to be used over a 3 year period. This cover design (top) was created for a booklet outlining the history of WVCC, as well as the proposed property and new building. The inside includes photos from 25 years of history, design plans and letters from church members and staff. The letterhead (below), envelope and bookmark are a few of many designs used in mailings to congregation members.

Graphic Designer Notes:

The client needed a logo and marketing materials to appear modern and fresh, looking toward a bright future.




Rolling Thunder Farms
Ventura County, CA

2 page ad

This 2 page spread was designed for a book distributed in Australia and the USA. It highlights the Alpacas of Rolling Thunder Farms, as well as 2 partners who also breed Alpacas and co-own some of these beautiful creatures with Rolling Thunder Farms.

Graphic Designer Notes:

While the ad needed to include many photos and tons of info about the breeders and their animals, it still needed to be pleasing to the eye. From clouds and rolling wagon wheels in the background to bursts of light behind logos and photos, this ad is sure to convey the beauty of the Alpacas, breeding info and the lifestyle of their owners.




Grace Media Group
Hemet, CA

Christian Company Brochure

This brochure was done for Grace Media Group, offering state-of-the-art audio and video production along with many other services. GMG has a clear mission to become the 'hub' in Southern California, linking musicians, composers and singer/songwriters together to produce, distribute and publish the highest quality musicial recordings that glorify Jesus Christ (Yeshua) worldwide.


Anonymous Writer
Canoga Park, CA

The Blind Can See Book Cover

This book cover design was done for a local Christian author. He wanted to visualize lost people who are spiritually blind in a dark world who find the light of the world, Jesus..

Graphic Designer Notes:

This job also included a Christian logo design used on the inside along with headers for each chapter.



"Poker" Vince Burgio
West Hills, CA

Pizza, Pasta and Poker Book Cover

We designed the cover for this amazing true story. "Poker" Vince Burgio tells his story of how he became a professional poker player later in life.

Graphic Designer Notes:

Taking a 10 year old faded article from the Daily News, cleaning it up and then aging it slightly but gracefully. Yes, making things beautiful is what we do here.


Boston Dental Care
La Crescenta, CA

Boston Dental Care
Business Cards & Letterhead

After creating a new logo, website and overall identity for Boston Dental, we designed a business card and letterhead. This identity or "look" enables all of their marketing materials to act together as a team instead of individual pieces.


Southwest Bible College
Moreno Valley, CA


SWBC needed a great brochure to go with the logo Flair created for the college. The mission of this college is to train men and women to lead others to Christ.

The brochure is 2 color, black and a pantone color, to cut costs!


Pacific Aquatics West
Chastworth. CA

Local Advertising

After designing a logo for Pacific Aquatics West, they were in need of an eye-catching ad for a local paper.


Fine Florals:
Flowers by Design

Reseda, CA

Fine Flowers Website
click here for website link

We created a website for Fine Florals and also a beautiful brochure (right) to hand out at bridal shows.

We did a photo shoot of the client's arrangements using professional backdrops and lighting.


Studio City, CA


This is a brochure done for PacificNet, a local ISP in Southern California that supports much of the San Fernando Valley. They wanted an all-encompassing brochure to give potential clients a view of what they provide, whether for home or business accounts.

Graphic Designer Notes:

PacificNet had no artwork or photos. Tracking down photos and graphics to give it the look they wanted was the key, along with putting it all together with the content they provided.


Second Coming Clothing Co.
Lake Park, FL

T-shirt Designs

A company with a vision to spread the Word through their clothing. Customers can join in the "Great Commission" by wearing one of these t-shirts designed by Flair For Design.




Laboritorio Nocera
Napoli, Italy

Letterhead, Envelope & Card

These pieces were created for Daniele Nocera of Laboritorio Nocera in Italy. It is a clean, flowing design using elements from the clients original logo.

Graphic Designer Notes:

Dio ti benedica!

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