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Logo Designs

For Logo Designs  click on each picture to see a larger sample


Washington, DC

Identity Logo

Need a hand in designing your logo? Helping Hand Administrative Services did. This expanding company was in need of an identity to match their slogan and name.

Simplicity was a key ingredient in this logo, while still getting the point across of lending a helping hand.


Aerosol Science
Laboratories Inc

Camarillo, CA

Identity Logo

ASL contacted us to do their new Corporate Identity, and stated...

Your Mission: "Develop a corporate image that communicates clinical excellence, science and service innovation. 'We are changing the way physicians think about the treatment of sinusitis.' "

We took the challenge and designed a versatile logo for use on everything complete with interchangeable wording for all their departmental needs.




7 Day Kitchen & Bath
Los Angeles, CA

Identity Logo

7 Day Kitchen & Bath does some beautiful remodeling, and needed a beautiful logo and website to showcase their awesome work.


Burbank, CA

Identity Logo

MacMyDay needed a logo for their IT business, to be used on their business cards, letterhead and website.




Southwest Bible College
Moreno Valley, CA

Identity Logo

SWBC is a new school with a great mission and needed a great Christian Logo Design. The mission of this college is to train men and women to lead others to Christ.

Flair For Design gave them two variations of the logo to accomodate several applications. This incorporates the Cross, sunny California and an open book to signify knowledge and learning.



New Wine Music
Temecula, CA

Christian Record Label logo

Created for an up and coming Christian record label, this logo brings together music with the new covenant, the new wine if you will. The label wanted style and sophistication with a musical touch.


Boston Dental Care
La Crescenta, CA

Dental Practice Logo

This client wanted a sophisticated looking logo to reflect his established practice.


Primus Financial Corp
Los Angeles, CA

Corporate Identity

This client needed a sophisticated and modern looking logo to convey strength and stability to their clients.

Primus requested 3 slightly different versions of the same logo. We delivered.


Generation 4:12
Payson, UT

Christian Identity Logo

Created for a Youth group the 4:12 is from 1 Timothy 4:12 " let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe."



iDesign Learning
Temecula, CA

Software Logo

iDesign Learning needed a logo for their new software. Real Designer enables higher productivity and automation in the workplace, while paying attention to the human element.

Also they needed a "virtual" product box to go along with information about the software.



Mary J. Pickens
Shreveport, LA

Ministry Logo

Mary J. Pickens wanted to let hurting people know that they are not at the end of their line and there is a “Ray of Hope.” We created a website for her ministry and a contemporary Christian logo design to use for everything.


Excellent Fruit Ministries
Baton Rouge, LA

Ministry Logo

Jacqueline A. Johnson desired a logo to match her Christian Ministry that inspires fruitful change in God’s people. Elegant and beautiful were on the list of requirements.

We created a website for her ministry and a beautiful logo to use for everything.

Cornerstone Home Improvement
Visalia, CA

Identity Logo

This home improvement company wanted a logo with lots of style, but didn't want to compromise when it came to professing their faith.



Pacific Aquatics West
Chatsworth. CA

Store Logo

This logo was done for a Tropical Fish store that needed an update to their existing aged logo. The owner wanted an original drawing of a French Angelfish to go against a shell. The trick was to draw the fish with distinctive details that reveal it is a French Angelfish, while keeping it simple and clean at the same time.

Emmanuel Party Rentals
Fullerton. CA

Party Rental Logo

Originally Emmanuel Party Rentals wanted a design for the side of their new truck. We suggested a new logo as well to give their business a more upscale look.


In & Out Home Repair
Ventura. CA

Home Repair Logo

Needing a logo that says it all, In & Out Home Repair put us on a mission to convey quality, dependability and speed.



David B. Newman
Los Angeles. CA

CPA Logo

This conservative business updated their logo to a modern style. Elegant, stylish and cosmopolitan are just a few words to describe David B. Newman, and reflected in this logo.



Living Water
Virginia Beach, VA

Identity Logo

This Home Spa products company is targeting a Christian audience, with the intent of creating a home environment that is an open invitation to have an experience with God in the private comfort of their own homes.

The logo concept the client had in mind included a waterfall with a collection pool and a dove emerging from the pool (representing the Holy Spirit).


Heart Of The Valley
Community Church

Reseda, CA

Christian Identity Logo

Reseda Baptist Church changed their name to Heart of the Valley Community Church. They needed a logo that says they are "the" Christian church to go to in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. The logo needed a modern but hand-done look to use on everything from signs to stationery. The logo itself was hand drawn on the computer using various vector-based programs. The cross and heart meld together to form the love of God, the gift of his Son Jesus dying on the cross.


Baseball Development Center
Encino, CA

Various Logo Designs

Here are several logos for BDC, used for the front of T-shirts and hats, on printed materials and signs for this Dodger-owned organization. They needed designs that have a young, fresh and edgy appeal.

HotSheet Publishing
Canoga Park, CA

Music Industry Logo Designs

Several logos done for Hitmakers Magazine and website used in many of their printed publications, for advertising and on the company's website.


HotSheet Publishing
Canoga Park, CA

Music Industry Logo Designs

Several more logos done for Hitmakers Magazine and website used in many of their printed publications.


West Valley Christian Church
West Hills, CA

Capitol Campaign
Christian Logo Design

West Valley Christian Church in West Hills needed a logo to represent their Capitol Campaign, to raise money to buy property and build a new church. The whole campaign was based on a verse from scripture in which the Lord said He would bless the Israelites if they would put building His temple ahead of their own needs. God didn't wait for the project to be completed, but blessed them from the day they started to be obedient to Him.


Bellevue, NE

Christian Website Headers


We've designed over 35 headers for the Rapture Ready website, including the homepage header, buttons and various page headers. Here's a few samples.



Go Free Ministries
Ypsilanti, MI

Christian Ministry logo

Lydia Clarke needed a logo for her new ministry. It had to say you can be "Set Free" by the Word of God and is based on John 8:32.


Legacy Mediation
Glendale, CA

Law Firm Identity logo

This client wanted her logo to reflect her personality while maintaining a professional look.

Dotmap, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL

Musicoolbaby logo

Launching a new fashion line for babies, we created a logo and several designs for Dotmap's new baby line.


Encino, CA

Law Firm Identity logo

This logo was designed with a corporate look to reflect the professionalism of its members, individual law practitioners.


Second Coming Clothing Co.
Lake Park, FL

T-shirt Designs

A company with a vision to spread the Word through their clothing. Customers can join in the "Great Commission" by wearing one of these t-shirts designed by Flair For Design.



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