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Christian Artist Spotlight presents


An Exclusive Interview with

the Pastor of Paint

Intro & Interview by Todd Doty



Painting the Word of some this is a dream, but for Ain Vares it's a reality. It's a mission. We interviewed this talented and humble servant of God and enjoyed speaking with the young Christian painter from Estonia (near Finland). In Ain's own words...

"My pictures convey the message of God's endless love for all mankind and His desire to deliver us from all bondage, to save us from this perishing world if we only let Him come into our lives."

-Ain Vares



Todd: Thanks so much for taking time to answer a few questions. Your work really does convey the Word of God in a thought provoking way. Did your love for art start at an early age?


Ain: My interest for art started early in my childhood, from the time my father took me to an art club with him, which he himself was the teacher of. Children often take interest in their surroundings and when there is someone constantly painting in your house, it rubs of on you. Going to an art school was a natural flow of things, although I had two choices: art or sports. I chose art.


Todd: Well we're glad you chose art! What was the turning point that launched your career as a Christian artist?


Ain: The turning point for my career as an artist was the day I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I used to paint landscapes and portraits, but was always searching for my own style and wanted to offer more then merely something outwards. On the day I was born again, I knew that I was to paint the Word of God.


Todd: Tell us a bit about your career as a graphic designer. What's it like on an average day for you?


Ain: I have a small one-man design company and I also work part-time in a print shop as a computer designer. At the moment this is what my regular day looks like:

Until noon I work at home, then I go to the print shop for few hours and in the evenings I work at home again. In the middle of all this I try to find some time to paint.


Todd: Wow, you are a busy man. Your paintings compel the viewer to think about the Lord. How does it come to you? Do you take a verse of scripture and then try to put it on the canvas or pray and the Spirit leads you in painting His picture?


Ain: My ideas usually come when I read my Bible or some other Christian literature. When I read the scripture, I get an image of it and then pray about painting it on the canvas.



Todd: Just from reading your guest book on your website, many people are truly inspired by your artwork. But what inspires you to create these awesome expressions of faith?


Ain: God has put it in my heart to do this. Only when I paint do I get the full satisfaction of my work. Sometimes when I run into to times of doubt, I am inspired to continue my work by all those notes from the guest book and letters from the people from my web page.


Todd: It's wonderful when Believers encourage each other! So what are your hopes for this amazing art that the Lord has created through you, His chosen instrument?


Ain: My desire is that this work would pay off. That all those paintings would change and direct changes into the viewers lives and hearts. I want to offer something more than just merely art. I believe that people can turn to God through paintings just as well as a sermon. My paintings are visual sermons.


Todd: Indeed they are Ain. What are some of your personal favourite paintings (sermons) that you have done and why?


Ain: Concerning the message, all of my paintings are my favourites, but from an artistic point of view there are few that I like the best. “Jesus Is the Way, the Truth and the Life”, “Narrow and Wide Is the Road” and several others. But I think that the best ones are yet to come.


Todd: I'm sure they are! What is your preferred medium? Oils, pastels, acrylics?


Ain: I like all of the above and my desire is to try using new techniques more and more. I believe I will be able to do that more in the future.


Todd: The figures in your art are unlike any out there. Faceless, yet so easy to relate to. How did you develop this style, and why no eyes, nose, mouth, etc.?


Ain: I haven’t worked that hard on developing my style, but it was clear from the first moment I started painting for God. I have never seen Jesus face to face, and all those different concepts of Jesus probably don’t picture Him as He truly is. When there are no faces, there are no grounds for argument on likeness or personal preferences and the main emphasis goes on the message of the painting. And this is the most important thing.


Todd: Absolutely. Ain, your artwork is a gift from God. Your work is truly a testimony to believers and a sermon to non-believers. Anything you'd like to say to the readers of this interview? Thank the Academy?


Ain: The Master has given his servants talents, and my wish is to multiply mine. We all have been given a talent; start using yours and God will direct you.


Todd: Amen! Thank you for talking with us and giving us insight into your world. May the Lord continue to bless you! We look forward to your next project.


Ain: Thank you! Several new ideas are on paper already and are waiting to be painted. I just need to find some more time and opportunities to concentrate on painting, so all prayers are welcomed. I believe that one of these days I will be able to be a fulltime artist.


To learn more about Ain Vares and his artwork, click below:

Visit Ain Vares Art now!

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