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Christian Artist Spotlight

A collection of talented present day
Christian artists who make a difference.

Ain Vares

ain varesAin Vares is a talented young man from Estonia (near Finland). An artist since childhood, he received his schooling at Tartu Art School.

In 1993 he committed his life to Christ and started painting for the Lord, putting the Word of God on canvas and paper. His work communicates what God has revealed in scripture and will inspire you!

"My pictures convey the message of God's endless love for all mankind and His desire to deliver us from all bondage, to save us from this perishing world if we only let Him come into our lives."

-Ain Vares

Read the Christian Artist Spotlight Interview

Visit his website and view his work


Cornelius Monsma

Cornelis MonsmaCornelis Monsma, was born in Friesland a province in the north of the Netherlands, where he learned the importance of living a fulfilled life in Christ..

Over the past forty years, Cornelis Monsma has combined bold, vivid colors, which are composed into joyful, abundant, contemporary, expressionist art with a deep scriptural meaning and purpose.

"The Christian art presented here is not a picture of religious divinity but rather an expression of the Christ presence from within. A living account of a new found freedom encased in dependency, liberty rooted in obedience."

-Cornelis Monsma

Visit his website and view his work


Stephen Sawyer

Stephen Sawyer A classically trained portrait artist, Stephen has dedicated his talent to Jesus. His website, Art for God, offers Christian art of Jesus of Nazareth depicted in a living and vital perspective.

His commitment and mission is to accurately reflect the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century.

“Undefeated” (pictured above) is based on Psalm 136:12 and was recently shown on NBC's Today Show.

Visit his website and view his work


Pat Marvenko Smith

Pat Marvenko Smith After rededicating her life and talents to the Lord in 1980, Pat was led to and accepted a challenge that very few artists have accepted. She illustrated the Book of Revelation from beginning to end.

She also realized that the only way she could do such a difficult task, was with God's guidance. It took constant prayer, extensive research, and thousands of hours of hard work.

Pat is a member of: CIVA, Christians In the Visual Arts. But more importantly, Pat is a part of the kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ whom she is most honored to be able to serve with her artistic talents.

Visit her website and view her work




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